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Application for installation of RoofTop Renewable Energy Generating System

Instructions for filling the form:

  1. I. Correct Email address and Mobile number is mandatory for OTP. If you want to modify, please Click here.
  2. II. Kindly fill complete and correct information in relevant column.
  3. III. Applicant will be solely responsible for incomplete or incorrect information.
  4. IV. Applicant is requested to note the request id for future tracking of the application.
  5. V. Please provide the correct consumer number, so that your request can be assigned to proper MSEDCL field office.
  6. VI. System will check for outstanding arrears on connection if any. Your application will not be accepted or liable for cancellation at any stage if the connection is default in Arrears.
  7. VII. Application Processing fees (Non Refundable)
    a) Low Tension Consumerīƒ  Rs. 500 for consumer having Sanctioned Load or Contract Demand upto 20 kW and Rs 100 thereafter for every 20 kW or part thereof.
    b) High Tension Consumerīƒ  Rs. 5000/-
  8. VIII. Cost of Net Meter, Generation meter (Source wise) and all costs related to the setting up of the Renewable Energy Generating System shall be borne by consumer.
  9. IX) Application will be submitted only after the payment of processing fees. Till then application can be saved.
  10. X) Application will be automatically cancelled if the Rooftop Renewable Energy Generating system is not commissioned within 6 months from the date of Sanction of application.
  11. Documents to be submitted:

    a) If RE Generating system is self owned
          1. Technical details of Renewable Energy Generating Station, Inverter and other equipment of System proposed to be installed. (Mandatory)
          2. General Power of Attorney in favour of signatory in case of Partnership Firms; certified true copy of the Resolution, authorizing the signatory to deal with the concerned Distribution Licensee,passed by the Board of Directors in case of Companies (as applicable).
    b) If RE Generating system is not self owned 1. In addition to above in (a), Third Party Leasing Agreement. (Mandatory)
    c) If RE System Capacity is 200KW and above 1. In addition to above in (a), Electrical Inspector Permission (Mandatory)
  General Details  
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Applicant's Full Name:  
Address of Premises at which Roof Top Renewable Energy Generating System is to be installed:
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Address Line 3: Pincode:
Other Contact Details:
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  Technical Details  
Category of Existing connection: Sanctioned Load:  KW Contract Demand:  KVA
Voltage at Which Existing Supply is Given: DTC Number:
RE Arrangements:*
Proposed Rooftop Solar Capacity :*   KW
Voltage at Output of Solar Inverter:   Volts Solar Inverter AC Capacity : *   KW
Do you want to add another Renewable Energy Generating Sysytem:   Due you want to maintain the Cronology in case of there is inadequate distribution transformer capacity?   RE System Self Owned :  
  Application Details  
Name of Distribution Licensee: Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (M.S.E.D.C.L.)
Name of Administrative Office:
Application received date :
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